About our company

Since our initial founding in California in 1985, HydroCal has expanded globally and is now successfully supplying systems to a variety of industries for over 25 years.

Installations are located throughout the United States and in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, South Africa, Middle East, Australia, and Canada.

International Business

Recognizing every countries unique social, political, and economic structure, HydroCal has developed an extended sales team of qualified representatives within each country. We understand that their knowledge of their own culture, values, and business ethics is invaluable to HydroCal in building strong international ties. (Please contact HydroCal for a representative in your area.)

Product Research

HydroCal has always been involved in wide-ranging research of its products. This ensures uncomplicated design to guarantee ease of operation and straightforward maintenance of the equipment. HydroCal manufactures all equipment in the United States or under license in other countries.

dedication and Integrity

At every level from sales representatives to design, manufacturing and management, you can depend on HydroCal experience, dedication and integrity.

What we offer


The strongest factors contributing to our outstanding reputation are the people behind the equipment.


HydroCal has accredited its success through honesty, clear communication, and positive client relationships.


At HydroCal, there is a special emphasis on teamwork and a firm commitment to after-sale-service and technical support.


This combination allows customers easy access to all HydroCal personnel and gives them confidence in knowing we are here to provide solutions.