Dual Units Side by Side


Stainless Steel Unit

Consulting & Engineering

Our global team is here to help provide you with the best possible wastewater treatment system for your needs.

This service comprises of lab testing of your water sample to determine the type of chemicals needed for optimal treatment of your wastewater problems.

We also make available a demonstration unit to use at your facility allowing us to demonstrate our system and its simple ease of use in removing contaminants from your wastewater.

Field Service

HydroCal’s Licensees, Representatives and Affiliates worldwide are proficient at installing your system.

After the successful installation of a HydroCal wastewater system, you would be provided with extensive training and final commissioning to ensure the equipment meets customer expectation.

Technical Support

HydroCal, its Licensees and Representatives also offer their services for ongoing technical support for any future requirements and equipment updates.